The First Cause

  1. Everything which has a beginning must have a capable and sufficient Cause. 
  2. The First Cause, whatever it is, must be Self-Existent, or it must defy the known Natural Laws. 
  3. A Self-Existent First Cause, by definition, defies natural laws; therefore the First Cause is necessarily Super-Natural. 
  4. The self-existent First Cause, whatever it is, must be accepted by faith. There is no “proof” of any possible First Cause. (No other witnesses; no enduring, contemporaneous physical evidence.) 
  5. Evidence exists that points to a probable First Cause. 
  6. The true First Cause will be reasonably supported by the evidence. 
  7. The evidence available to all parties is the same. The framework within which it is interpreted (worldview) is what differs. 
  8. Valid interpretation must satisfy “is”, rather than “suppose”. Any valid “suppose” will not contradict the “is”. 
  9. No human has all the relevant physical information that exists. 
  10. Interpretation may not validly be made based on “missing evidence”. (If it is missing, it may be because it does not exist.) 
  11. There is no contradiction between the evidence, and the record of Scripture.