Summary of What is Happening in the World At This Time

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and all that is in them. God created humanity, male and female, in His “image”. God is Spirit, not flesh, so that image is not physical but spiritual. God is not a name, but a “label” or “title” for lack of a better word. English does a poor job of expressing the truth evident in the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Old & New Testament. God is a single corporate entity consisting of three individual and distinct personal entities, who have presented themselves to humanity as the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit. In English, we often say “God …. He”; this isn’t strictly accurate. God is “that which”; each member is “he”. A comparable example is parliament: a single corporate entity comprised of multiple individuals of comparable nature (all adult human beings) with distinct roles within the corporate body, but personal identity beyond it.

God is self-existent; un-created, God has existed eternally. That is hard for our minds to grasp in the “past tense” (I don’t have trouble with it in the future tense anymore, because our own sense is of endlessness.) Bearing in mind that anything that has a beginning must have a creator, and anything that can be contained has a “container”, making it both finite and part of a greater whole, the universe cannot be self-existent, because it possesses a limit, and because its existence necessarily possesses a limit; matter & energy do not equal information. Information demands intelligence, intelligence demands personality. (AI is not true ‘intelligence” because it lacks invention, intuition, etc, and even if this lack were not true, apart from an independent intelligence (human mind) could not have come into being on its own. It was planned, developed, and built before it existed, and is dependent on an outside source for its beginning.)

God created the universe and its occupants. He created the spiritual beings labelled “angels” in the Bible, which possess great power. Their purpose was to serve God and to serve humanity once we were created (under God’s direction, not ours). Yet Satan, whose original name was Lucifer, rebelled against God in desiring pre-eminence and control over God’s creation. He enticed a large portion of other angels to rebel with him and set himself to overthrow God’s authority and power. The greatest rebellion recorded was his enticement of the first man and woman to question God’s trustworthiness in Eden “Yeah, has God truly said…” When Eve entertained the possibility that God could have been wrong, or could have been selfishly withholding something beneficial from them, she was deceived by Satan, was unfaithful to God, and disobeyed the only “law” He had given: do not eat from the (symbolic) tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This tree represented to them knowledge of that without which they were originally created: knowledge of evil. Until Satan accused God to Eve, they had only ever encountered good. Once she questioned God’s judgement or His character, she came to know evil; once she disobeyed Him, she did evil. When Adam followed his wife’s lead instead of rebuking her and insisting on obedience to God, he ushered sin into the world, as the original regent representative of God to His creation. As God warned them, death was the consequence of their disbelief and disobedience.

Satan appeared to have won, but God had already prepared His remedy to what He knew would happen: (see, I do the same thing: God … He!) The second member of the triune God would come to earth, taking on human flesh, conforming Himself to our physical nature, living a life without doing any wrong, then voluntarily dying the death of a treasonous criminal. As an innocent man according to His flesh (God cannot do wrong), His death could atone for – or pay the penalty earned by – the wrongs of all men throughout time. As a loving parent might pay the fine of a lawbreaking child in an offer to help that child live right, God bore the penalty of our sin, so that He could be fully just (justice demands an appropriate recompense for every action) and still provide us freedom.

Then, because God cannot be held by death – God is spirit and spirit does not die; God is God, and God has power over life and death – Christ’s body rose from the dead on the third day after His crucifixion, just as He had prophesied through His life and previously through the Old Testament prophets. In bringing His body back to life, Christ brought resurrection and eternal life to humanity. He paid our sin-penalty, and defeated death, so that we can be forgiven our sins, and be raised with Him “in the last day”. The benefit of His actions is given to every person who believes and trusts Him. “By faith are you saved.” Faith in Christ brings us salvation from sin and death. When Christ returns to judge the world, He will defeat the earthly wicked powers, rule on earth for 1000 years, then destroy completely the satanic hordes, and consign all of their followers – those who refuse God on God’s terms – to the everlasting punishment of hell.

The journey to that final judgment passes through the setting up of a single world government, totalitarian in nature, led by wicked men and fools. A single leader will rise up and take over, ultimately declaring himself to be “God”, able to show amazing signs to deceive the masses – never possible prior to the digital and AI age – and force everyone to take a mark on their right hand or forehead in order to engage with society (buy & sell). That global government has been established under the Great Reset, inaugurated June 20, 2020. Canada is 100% in already, as are several nations. The process of drawing every country in is advancing aggressively, and punitive measures are being set up presently for those that try to resist. The digital imprint has at least one prototype right now; in fact, Bill Gates spoke of it in Feb 2020. (Maybe his “scandal” was because he doesn’t know when to shut his mouth, spilling their beans a little too soon, because millions have recognized the agenda and resisted it. They didn’t want to give the ammunition to the watchdogs, which he conveniently did. Satan is always divided against himself, as his minions are fractioned as evidenced by many wicked nations trying to conquer each other. Their demons all want to be king.)

The lies will increase so much at the end that only those strongly grounded in the Word of God and remaining close to the Lord, will consistently recognize and be safe from deception. “…signs and wonders to deceive even the elect, if that were possible.” We are there now. The nature of the lies that show up sometimes surprise me. I’m not at all naive, and have watched this develop for decades, but some of the “tricks” didn’t occur to me until they happened; including using a contrived virus to create a world panic and impose social control. As so many peculiar things have appeared, it is no longer “peculiar’ that they do.

If you don’t regularly read your Bible, it’s time you begin. Otherwise your mind will not be protected from the deceptions that are happening. If you have never participated in a bible study, perhaps we can find you a sound study group; it’s pressingly urgent that everyone know the truth.

There is one outcome: world government, one world leader, total oppression of the masses, followed by the return of Christ as judge, Who then rules as King, until the 1000 years are done, when He fully restores His creation and finishes the judgement of the rebels. There is one salvation: believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved; forgiven sin, gifted with the Holy Spirit while here, and everlasting life in His eternal creation when everything has been fulfilled.

Please let me know if you want to talk about this, because nothing is more important. Those offering other ideologies are offering lies of the same devil who told Eve that “you shall be as gods”. God is God; we are God’s creation, in God’s image, for God’s pleasure. We only please Him when we believe and trust Him.