Questions For Followers of the Emergent Movement



On what authority do you know anything? Your natural senses? What some person tells you?

On what authority do you know anything about God?

Do you believe you are a Christian?

What is a Christian?

Do you believe it is possible to be a Christian without being saved?

Do you believe a person can ‘follow Jesus’ without being saved?

On what authority do you believe you are saved?

What is the gospel?

On what authority do you know what the gospel is?

If your natural senses are your authority, you have no basis for knowledge of anything beyond the natural: love, fear, outer-space, inner earth, super-natural, God, spirit, Heaven.

If it is the word of men, you are a fool. Men lie, steal, rape, kill, and cheat. Why would you believe the words of a total stranger whose life you know nothing about rather than someone you know whose life you see or have seen? Hitler rose to power on the tide of the same kind of ignorance.

If your ideas about God are founded in yourself or another human, they are exactly equal to the religions of the nations: fairy tales about false entities and false history and false “truth” about a world beyond our own.

We can trace every religion to its beginning as an invention of men with a definite start point in history, and to its human inventor. By contrast, Christianity is a Biblical faith. It begins at the beginning, when God “created the heavens and the earth.” (Gen1:1) Biblical Christianity was founded by God before the foundation of the world (Eph 1:4; 1 Pet 1:20), and proceeds from Him Who inhabits eternity. (John 1:1-; 1John 1:1-; John 8:52; Micah 5:2) Biblical history is supported both by its own internal consistency, and abundant outside sources, including those who do not agree with the Bible’s spiritual basis.

Christianity did not begin wit Rob Bell, Brian McLaren, Dallas Willard, and Rick Warren; it began with Jesus Christ “in the beginning” (Heb 11:13-16; 25:6, 39-40)

The Gospel is eternal (Rev 14:6, Mat 24:35) It began with God, not men, and it has never changed. (Rev 14:6; cf: Heb 13:20)

These men presume to set themselves up as authorities, not only above all men since the apostles, but than the very Scriptures of God themselves. They paint a caricature of Jesus as a religio-political revolutionary “hoping” to change society, with a gospel of building a global social-worker task force to bring “peace” in the material world through human efforts at goodness.

Truth is objective – truth is not based on some individual’s opinions, perceptions, perspectives, or preferences. Truth is based in something unchanging beyond the authority of men. By definition, Truth must be true whether man believes it or not, knows it or not, likes it or not, lives by it or not.

Truth is eternal – it was always true, it continues to be true, and will remain true. Truth is therefore unchanging.

Truth is absolute; it is not dependant upon time, place, or circumstances.

Truth is universal – it is always true for all people.

Truth is founded, not in what God thinks, but in Who God is. He does not “decide” what is Truth, He is Truth (John 14:6). Therefore, everything He speaks is Truth (John 17:17,19; Ps 119:151)[1]

Until you understand and believe this, you know nothing as you ought to know, and are deceived and completely unqualified to have an opinion about what constitutes Truth. Jesus Christ stated that if we abide in His word, we are His disciples indeed, will know the Truth, and the Truth will make us free. Until we abide in His word, we cannot be His disciples, and until we are His disciples, we are not free, but continue as prisoners of sin and death, because it is only Jesus Christ who has defeated sin and death; sin at the cross, death when He arose on the third day. This is the eternal gospel which is preached to all nations; the only gospel that sets men free .

[1] Also: Is 65:16; John 1:14, 14:17,15:26; John 16:13; John 18:37; 1 Thes 2:13; 1John 2:21, 4:6, 5:1