What is orthodoxy, but a decision made by some group of men concerning what is to be considered acceptable doctrine.

 Every religious sub-group has a different collection of what is considered to be “orthodox”, and everything else is considered to be heretical.

 Christians are not bound to orthodoxy; we are bound to Christ, and to believe His Holy Scripture, regardless of what anyone else says is true, correct, or ‘acceptable’. In every Christian denomination or sub-group, and every Christian cult, there are tenets that are Biblically consistent and those that contradict God’s Word. In every instance, we are obligated to test what is proposed according to what has been written and in every latter instance, regardless of how pious the tenet may sound, or how noble, or what religious “authority” proposes it to be true, our responsibility is to reject every teaching that contradicts the clear word of God.

Mark 7:8  For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men …