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The Social Gospel is Death.

Like the religious leaders of Christ’s day, religious leaders today have misled millions of people into thinking that they will be alright with God on judgement day because of their good deeds or some social action they have taken. But the Scripture is very clear that we are not justified before God by ‘works of righteousness’ nor by ‘works of the law’ but by faith that the blood of Jesus Christ shed to cover our sins has made atonement with God on our behalf. In order for God to apply that atonement, we must turn from sin to God in faith, believing that Christ died for us, and rose again to give everlasting life to men. 

Paul called those who preach another gospel ‘anathema’ – eternally condemned...

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The New “Jesus”

People have a passion for the concept of Jesus rather than for the person of Christ; for “reaching the lost for the Lord” as opposed to sharing the Gospel of Christ. People like being spiritual, but don’t care to be holy. 

The message of salvation from sin and death has been replaced with a message of salvation from a pointless life, and mundane existence. The new preachers want us to be saved from the hurts of sin in this life, and be drawn into the fullfilment of feeding the hungry, healing broken hearts, stopping wars, curing diseases. 

Jesus Christ did not come to redeem our human institutions. He came to redeem us from the power of sin and death, to reconcile us to God so we can have eternal life...

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Shalt Thou Not Judge?

The logical extension of ‘do not judge’ as applied by many people would necessarily be a total lack of laws, otherwise known as anarchy. 

The job of government is to protect its people – the whole from enemies outside and individuals when necessary from each other. The well-being of the community is partially dependent upon the faithfulness of the government to perform its responsibilities. 

Each time a law is made, the related action is being judged. Making murder or theft a crime is to judge the murder or theft, and judge one who commits them as guilty of crime. 

Some will argue that some crimes hurt only the perpetrator or no one at all, calling them ‘victimless’ crimes. This is false; there are no ‘victimless crimes’...

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Post-Modern MumboJumbo

When someone speaks, they assume that the words they speak have inherent meaning which will be inherently understood by all those who equally know the language spoken, so that the meaning they seek to convey is that which their hearer will reasonably receive. The intended meaning is assumed by the speaker based on this principle, as is his assumption that the listener will understand the same meaning.

The only verbal communication for which men seek to excuse this universal principle is the Bible. We cannot insist on a single meaning of a text, for any number of non-linguistic reasons according to those who deny doctrinal absolutes...

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False Prophets

1 Kings 13:12-24

Many modern, self-professed prophets and teachers are showing up and telling the church that God told them something quite different from what His word clearly says. Claiming the title “pastor” and having attended a Bible school or seminary, they present themselves as authorities on behalf of God. As Satan in the Garden, they begin with, “Yea, hath God said…”[1]. When the unlearned believer responds, “Yes He did,” these teachers reply, “It is not so.”[2]

According to these liars, Christ did not die to pay the penalty for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures[3] but set the ultimate example of “non-violent resistance of the evil empire”...

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Either Jesus is Who He Says or Jesus is a Fraud

The thing is, you either believe Him or you don’t. You can’t say Jesus was a good teacher, a nice man, or a good example while refusing to accept what He said. Either He is indeed a good teacher, a nice man, and a good example Who spoke the truth, or He is a liar, and if a liar, He cannot be either a good teacher, a nice man, or a good example; Liars are not good people nor are they wise teachers.

Jesus did not contradict John the Baptist when he declared Jesus to be the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. He did not correct him when His older cousin John declared Jesus to have lived before John, despite John having being conceived months before Jesus. How could a man conceived and born after have existed before?

Did Jesus come down from heaven as He told the people? If n...

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