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Romans Chapter 11 Verses

1      I say then, God did not thrust away His people. It may not be, for I also am an Israelite, out of Abraham’s seed, of the tribe of Benjamin.

        λεγω ουν μη απωσατο ο θεος τον λαον αυτου μη γενοιτο και γαρ εγω ισραηλιτης ειμι εκ σπερματος αβρααμ φυλης βενιαμιν


2      God did not thrust away his people whom He foreknew (knew before), or have you not recognized in Elijah what the Scripture says, as he is pleading to God against Israel, saying

        ουκ απωσατο ο θεος τον λαον αυτου ον προεγνω η ουκ οιδατε εν ηλια τι λεγει η γραφη ως εντυγχανει τω θεω κατα του ισραηλ λεγων...

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Romans Chapter 12 Verses

Chapter 12


1      I beseech you therefore, brethren, through the mercies of God, to present your bodies (a) living sacrifice, holy, well-pleasing to God: your reasonable (logiken) service.

        παρακαλω ουν υμας αδελφοι δια των οικτιρμων του θεου παραστησαι τα σωματα υμων θυσιαν ζωσαν αγιαν ευαρεστον τω θεω την λογικην λατρειαν υμων


2      And not be conformed to this world (eon), but you be transformed to the renewing of your mind, that you may test what (is) the will of God, the good and acceptable (well-pleasing) and perfect.

        και μη συσχηματιζεσθε τω αιωνι τουτω αλλα μεταμορφουσθε τη ανακαινωσει του νοος υμων εις το δοκιμαζειν υμα...

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Romans Chapter 13 Verses

1      Every soul, submit to higher (powers). For no authority (jurisdiction, power) is if not from God: but the jurisdictions (authorities/powers) (are) by the God established. (tetagmenai – having-been-set)

1   πασα ψυχη εξουσιαις υπερεχουσαις υποτασσεσθω ου γαρ εστιν εξουσια ει μη απο θεου αι δε ουσαι εξουσιαι υπο του θεου τεταγμεναι εισιν

1849 εξουσια exousia ex-oo-see’-ah      from 1832 (in the sense of ability);  n f                         AV-power 69, authority 29, right 2, liberty 1, jurisdiction 1, strength 1; 103

1) power of choice, liberty of doing as one pleases

1a) leave or permission

2) physical and mental power

2a) the...

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Romans Chapter 14 Verses

1         Yet the weak (one) to the faith, receive, but not to discrimination (distinctions, preferences, differences) of debates (deliberations, questions).

1         τον δε ασθενουντα τη πιστει προσλαμβανεσθε μη εις διακρισεις διαλογισμων

1261 διαλογισμός dialogismos dee-al-og-is-mos’       from 1260; n m         AV-thought 9, reasoning 1, imagination 1, doubtful 1, disputing 1, doubting 1; 14

1) the thinking of a man deliberating with himself

1a) a thought, inward reasoning

1b) purpose, design

2) a deliberating, questioning about what is true

2a) hesitation, doubting

2b) disputing, arguing

1260 διαλογίζομαι dialogizomai  dee-al-og-id’-zom-ahee     from 1223 an...

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Romans Chapter 15 Verses

1    Yet we the able (dunatoi – with power) are obligated (opheilomen – owe; ought) to bear the impotence (adunaton – powerlessness; inability) of the weak, and not to please ourselves.

1       οφειλομεν δε ημεις οι δυνατοι τα ασθενηματα των αδυνατων βασταζειν και μη εαυτοις αρεσκειν


2    For each of us, let him be pleasing to the neighbour into the good toward edification (oikodomen  home-building; a building up).

2       εκαστος γαρ ημων τω πλησιον αρεσκετω εις το αγαθον προς οικοδομην


3    For also the Christ pleased not Himself; but, according as it has been written, ‘The reproaches of those reproaching You fell upon Me...

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